TransFans exhibition numero 2

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TransFans exhibition numero 2

Post by Danilko on Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:45 am

-Right after the first show we were pumped with excitement and satisfaction. That pleasant tension kinda spontaneously lead us to a number of conversations about next, bigger, better event that would bring more people. Of course, we decided to do TV marketing to attract peoples attention. In addition to that we received couple of telephone calls from two families asking for our help in fund raising for their children's medical treatments which we gladly answered. 
  Two months later, January 27. 2013., location, community center "Palilula" in Belgrade, Serbia, we officially opened second TransFans Serbia exhibition with special guests, good people and our dear friends, MOTU collectors, who joined our noble cause once again. This time display was much richer in content, not only that we had more figures per line displayed, but also introduced new lines such as FoC, WfC and unofficial 3rd party exhibits. 

  Starting off with some random pics...

... and continuing systematically through lines in our usual manner, Animated, Classics + 3rd Party, Prime and FoC/WfC... 

Movie trilogy found it's place here to, of course, with mighty Devastator ( or the Abomination how we prefer to call him) at front...

Stay tuned, that's not all, we'll finish it of with some eye appealing, boxy awesomeness, Alternators, Masterpiece and one and only G1.

The show was a success, bigger, better, more exciting than the first one and the big plus, fund raising served it's purpose, we're honored that we helped. Now with proper marketing done, we even got and article in one of the biggest news papers in the country and live interview on renowned TV station...

[ mesto klipa sa intervjuom kad bude titlovan]

And with second great show behind us, our trusty crew salutes you until next event. 

with respected friends, MOTU collectors...

TransFans Serbia team.

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