TransFans Serbia maiden exhibition (#1)

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TransFans Serbia maiden exhibition (#1)

Post by Danilko on Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:27 am

First exhibition,elementary school "1300 Kaplara" in Belgrade, June 2. 2012. . Huge task we had to tackle. Being that it was charity event, it was great responsibility and honor as well.  Lego fan club "Skockani" from Belgrade, invited us to join their human goal to raise funds to help a child in desperate need for surgery. More than happy we answered their invitation. Following pictorial collage will show you how that looked.

Doesn't look line much, ha? But this "maiden voyage" was big deal for all of us. Big excitement present in the atmosphere.

 We had one continuous display separated in few different sections, movie figures,Alternators, Masterpiece, G1, CHUG, Animated, Prime and last but not least couple of Unicron trilogy figures. Most of us brought substantial amount of figures from our collections(Now before you think that this really looks puny, just note that we have great challenges in acquiring figures, and monthly average salary of only 400$).

Let's start with movie display:

And mighty DEVASTATOR!
Moving on to Alternators through Masterpiece and Chug including a few customs here and there...

Continuing with Animated, Prime and AEC figures...

And last, toy line that literally started it all, revolutionary G1!

Now stay tuned, this is just our beginning, things to come get better, much better. 
Guarantied by crew seen below. Smile

TransFans Serbia team.

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