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Yugoslavia Optimus Prime

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Yugoslavia Optimus Prime Empty Yugoslavia Optimus Prime

Post by Aerialbot Sat Jun 07, 2014 10:24 pm

Da li smo na pragu velikog otkrica , izgleda da jesmo  [Da vidite ceo post na portalu kliknite Full read opciju]

Nas post na TFW 2005

SCOOP - Yugoslavian Transformers - Are they for real? Read this thread to find out...

Three days ago my fellow collector from Belgrade bought a boxed, complete G1 Optimus Prime off of a local auction website.

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime 2cemg6x

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime 2z7h4t0

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime Nebwvl

The toy had all the trappings of an IGA Optimus (red blotches for eyes, red on die-cast chest not matching red plastic, etc.). What made him take a closer look at what he bought was when he opened the trailer and spotted lighter blue plastic parts inside, while the roller was dark blue.

*Latest OP on the left, older figure from USA on the right*

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime 20siwcw

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime 30lgopk

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime Vo787p

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime 4na7s

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime K3n3x3

So off he went to browse the internet and find out what he had. That is also the time when he spotted a curious thing on the packaging. A logo. This one:

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime 2dgq5mo

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime 2cmrhw9

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime 10f6lxc

That is a logo of Yugoslavian "Marčanka" company that made toys, like this die cast car for instance (notice the logo on the bottom).

Yugoslavia Optimus Prime 2nuius0

What we have here folks is an apparently IGA Optimus Prime, repackaged into a custom made package probably made by and then distributed by "Marčanka" for a yugoslavian market.

I personally still own an original G1 Optimus Prime bought here way back in '90-'91, but I do not own the packaging. Still I distinctly remember the spanish writing and my OP missing the tech spec portion of his character card. My OP comes with dark blue plastic parts in the trailer though.

We are still trying to confirm this find as there are more G1 OP's floating around here, so we will keep this updated.

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