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Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot Empty Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot

Post by Danilko on Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:39 pm

Being that we are members of a really small community and live in the part of universe scarce of transformers in any form, one wouldn't expect to find collectors worth mentioning, let alone serious ones worth interviewing. Well the reality is a bit different. We present to you some of the guys who had started long long ago, had many difficulties in finding their highly desired childhood heroes embodied in plastic, the guys who's goal was not just the sheer number but the quality and purity of the collection by which they pay respect to the period of life many tend to forget. This guy didn't forget...

1. Who are you and what do you collect?

My name is Vladimir Gopic, 36, aka Aerialbot and I'm from Belgrade, Serbia. I collect G1, CHUG, Altenators, Masterpiece, Prime, and a bit of Movie, Beast Wars and A/E/C trilogy. A bit of everything I guess. My collection counts 351 figures, thoughtfully picked. 

Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot 2552po7
Introducing Aerialbot

2. When did you start collecting, why and what's your first Transformer toy ever?

I started back in '89 when my dad brought me my first transformer all the way from Munich, Germany. It was Powermaster Optimus Prime. I was 12 years old and at that time, as most of my friends, I was collecting Masters of the Universe, being that they appeared before Transformers here, in our country. And then, one day, my dad shows up on the door with Powermaster Optimus! MotU became obsolete momentarily.Transformers looked like they were from another planet comparing to Masters (as we call them here) so I switched my focus after that and stayed there 'till now, with a break or two (he laughs)... So you could say I had a collector mentality from the earliest age. 

Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot 11rbwqr
Humble beginnings...

Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot 2epingn
Wherever he went, transformers followed...

Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot 1zbh01g

Then and now...

Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot Ogevy0

3. What's your favorite toy line and why?

That's easy, G1 all the way. The reason is simple from many points of view. First of all, it's the line I collected as a kid, and it's basically a time machine for me now, brings me right back to childhood as soon as I look at them. Second, build quality is way better than with figures we get these days, plus you got rubber tires, which you don't see even on Masterpiece cars... But I have to say, CHUG is my favorite modern toy line. I like the fact that they are updated G1 characters, but not changed too much. And there is the price tag point, they are cheap. Let's not forget, toys are toys, and not things of necessity like house or a car.

Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot 20axesg
Picture says all

4. If you could pick one figure from your collection to keep, what would it be?

That's tough question... As I mentioned, I had a brake in collecting during my late teenage years, when I did one thing that I'm not too proud of today. I sold most of my collection in belief that toys are made for kids and I was no longer one.I had around 120 figures, and I sold most of them. It was looking like a good idea at that time, considering that my country was going through very tough economic situation during 90's, and one transformer toy could get me a lot of drinks in local clubs and many other things. 
 Then I also sold my G1 Megatron, that my dad got me in Thessaloniki in '91. So if I had to pick one, it would be just that Megatron.

5. What's most desirable figure to you ever?

That's no brainer, it's G1 vintage Predaking. Not Takara one, but Hasbro, American release. In Europe Predaking wasn't released, at least not in those gold boxes. Italian GiG did release it but as Japanese version which I didn't like,mostly because of the colors. 

6. What advice would you give to a collector starting today?

Unlike previous question, this is not easy one. Today we have such a huge number and diversity of figures and most of them are still available to get online, just one click away. Price ranges from very cheap to very expensive, which can be a formidable task for your wallet. My advice would be to stick to one or two lines that he likes the most, and not to be completist like I was. There is no point of buying figures that you don't like just for sake of completing the line. Took me a while to realize that myself. Also, be aware of how much money are you willing to pump in to the collection, because it would be tragic to pass on regular joys of life such as traveling, going out and so on, just in order to save up money for upcoming figure you really like. That's where collecting stops and obsession and madness start. 

7. How do you see Transformers scene changing in next five years?

Well the changes already started. In the last decade G1 and it's alterations were dominating the market, along with Movie figures here and there when new film appears, but now, I believe, Beast Wars are taking over slowly, new generation who grew up on this series is already capable of supporting it's hobby by itsef. Rhinox, Waspinator and Rattrap included in Generations line are confirming that. Maybe down the road, we'll see Movie 1 figures updated as these guys are right now. But I definitely think that G1 is slowly starting to fade and the items that are so expensive right now, such as 3rd party and some of the MP's,  are gonna decline in value in years to come.

8. And for the end, Optimus or Megatron?


Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot 28qrpxc
A bit of this and a bit of that case

Collector spotlight 1- Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot 20r73o9

Thanks a million to Vladimir Gopic aka Aerialbot for taking time and showing us his collection and at the same time childhood wonderland. 
More pictures of his collection can be found here: Aerialbot collection .

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